your women’s retreat needs to offer something a smartphone can't

Why your women’s retreat needs to offer something a smartphone can’t


We love women’s ministry speakers; their messages encourage and teach us.
But in today’s age, hearing a good speaker is as easy as clicking a button on a computer or phone.

Good messages are instantly available, which is why your women’s retreat needs to offer something unique. Something that can’t be downloaded with a quick click.

Something like relationships.

Relationships aren’t found in a smartphone, but women still desperately need them. In fact, in this age of busyness and distraction, women need them more than ever.

  • The women in your ministry or community need to be able to pray with each other in person.
  • They need to have an invitation to share what’s really happening in their hearts—not just what they post on Facebook.
  • They need to serve each other, and affirm each other; to take time to see each other’s true selves and say, “I see Jesus in you.”
  • And they need time to get quiet and connect with the one relationship that matters most of all: their relationship with God.

You can offer this kind of deep connection at your retreat with a retreat kit.

women's ministry retreat kitsAfter years of testing and tweaking, we’ve learned what really draws women out of their shells at a retreat. Even women who don’t know each other will leave your retreat with robust new friendships. The secret is in well-timed conversation, affirmation, and worship. Plus a few laugh sessions thrown in for good measure.

This “relational formula” is an entirely new way to approach a women’s retreat. It’s also easier than finding a speaker, and more affordable.

Curious to learn how? Learn about retreat kits here.

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