Use this activity to get women ready for a session on learning to trust God.

The Warm-Up

Have women form groups or four. Ask each woman to find the most valuable thing that she has with her. This might be an heirloom piece of jewelry she’s wearing, a picture of her child, a credit card…anything that she feels is most valuable.

Have women share in their groups about these items, showing them to the others and then telling about them. Then ask each woman to give her item to the woman on her right, who will hold it in her hand for now.

Ask: How do you feel about letting go of this item for a short while?

Let women talk about that in their groups, and then continue with your session. Don’t have women return the items to their owners until the very end of your session. You might want to wrap up this session with a follow-up questions about how hard or easy it was for women to let that item stay out of their control for that much time.