Here’s a simple [and Sweet!] ice-breaker activity to try at your next meeting, event or casual get-together:

Before your event, buy any kind of candy that comes in many flavors, such as jelly beans, Lifesavers, or Skittles. For each team in your game, fill a paper bag with handfuls of the candy and a “sweet sheet” that tells the flavor of each color.

  1. To play, form teams of six to eight.
  2. Each team will choose one woman to be the Candy Machine. She will stand about 10 yards from her team.
  3. Give each Candy Machine a bag of candy and a sweet sheet.
  4. When you say “go,” the first person on each team scurries to the Candy Machine, closes her eyes, and the Candy Machine puts one piece of candy into the runner’s mouth.
  5. The runner has to eat the candy and correctly identify the flavor of the candy to the Candy Machine.
  6. Then she can open her eyes and run back to her team. If she is wrong, have her keep guessing until she gets the correct flavor—or if she just can’t get it right, she can try a new piece of candy!
  7. The next team members go in turn, until everyone on the team has tasted and correctly identified her candy flavor.

The first team to finish wins. Have fun!