It’s spring, and while for some this means planting flowers and starting the vegetable garden, for others spring means cleaning. Try these tips to freshen your home, office, or ministry.

  • Organize a closet. Whether it’s your clothing or your stash of ministry supplies, closets get cluttered quickly. Sort things into four piles: trash, donate, storage, and items to keep in the closet. Then make sure those piles get delivered to where they belong!
  • Tidy the bookshelves. Take all the books off, and dust the shelves and the books themselves. Are there titles that are out of date? Ones you think someone else should read? Want to take the time to reshelve alphabetically? Now’s the time!
  • Make your own window cleaner. Mix 1 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 cup water, and 1 tablespoon vinegar in a clean spray bottle. Works great!
  • Clean the ceiling fans. Whether in your church or in your home, no one wants to be embarrassed by seeing a dust bunny fall off of a fan and onto a friend. Before you turn on the fans in the summer, get rid of the dust and grime from last year.
  • Plan a garage sale. Gather all the good stuff you want to get rid of and earn a few dollars for your ministry. If this seems like too much work, put all that stuff in the “donate” pile and just be done with it!

Is your women’’s ministry in need of refreshment? Perhaps a remodel? Or even a complete redesign? Or maybe you’’re just getting started. No matter where you are in ministry, this resource will move you toward success. This workbook, Designing Your Women’s Ministry, will guide you, step by step, through best practices in shaping a ministry that draws women closer to God and each other.