This activity can be used to begin a discussion on several different topics, such as communication with others and God, how we face challenges in life, or teamwork and working together.


  • fully equipped kitchen
  • recipes and ingredients for cakes or cake mixes

You will need to either meet in a home or use the kitchen in your church. Supply the ingredients women will need to make cakes. Have women form groups of three, and then tell them that their goal is to create a cake without speaking. Explain that teams must decide what kinds of supplies to use and how they’ll work together to make and bake the cake as a team. The only catch is that no one may utter even one word during the whole experience.

Ice Breakers Galore

Once the cakes are in the over and are baking, talking about the experience, its challenges, and what the women learned through participating. When the cakes have cooled, add some frosting and enjoy a yummy treat!

Game tip: Using a cake mix is acceptable, but making one from scratch will make more f an emphasis on the theme.