I had heard having children would increase my relationship with God because I would be able to relate to him in new ways. When I had my daughter, I imagined these revelations would come while I was rocking my darling little one to sleep with her head nestled on my chest. And I have had many precious moments like that.

But the more poignant lessons seem to come from the simplest day-to-day events. Like recently, my one and a half year old was insisting I give her a “nana.” But I knew all of our bananas were bad. They looked normal on the outside, but I had ended up with a bad bunch and they never ripened. The insides were hard and grainy. I kept trying to explain to my daughter the bananas were yucky, but she was insistent. So, I cut up a few pieces and let her have them. Of course, she immediately spat them out in disgust. “Ew,” she told me, as if this would be news to me.

You can’t explain to a toddler that even though the bananas look fine, they are not good to eat. And sometimes I worry I am acting like a toddler with God. I say I trust God and his plans for my life. But how often do insist on getting what I want without even considering he may be withholding it for a reason? He alone knows what the best decisions are for my life. He sees if a choice I desire to make could actually take a negative turn I can’t foresee. And he knows what plans will lead to the most fulfillment, growth, and intimacy with him.

It’s hard to trust God when we think we have it figured out. But the next time you’re asking for a result and aren’t seeing the one you want, take some time to ask the Lord what his best plan for your life is. Are you perhaps asking for a banana that looks good on the outside but is rotten on the inside? What is God seeing about the situation that you aren’t? Ask him for wisdom, and to see things from his perspective. Obviously we will never see everything God sees while we are here on this Earth, but he wants to shed light on your circumstances. He wants to assure you his paths are best.

by Lauren Bratten


“The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need. He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams.” Psalm 23:1-2

Lord, help me to trust in your plan for my life, even when it looks different from what I want. I want to see my life from a heavenly perspective. Thank you that you have my best interests in mind and you want me to life a full life.

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