We know you’re always looking for fresh ideas to reach your women, so we’ve put together Rock-a-Sock Hop, where women visit the 1950s for a peachy-keen night of fun and friendship.

It’s easy to plan as a Girls’ Night Out, or you can pick and choose different ideas to use at different events you have planned. Either way, Rock-a-Sock Hop will make the hip chicks in your church totally flip their lids!

Jitterbug at the Gym

The perfect location for a ’50s sock hop is a gymnasium. If your church doesn’t have one, an activity center will work. Or connect with a local school and take the party off-site. You might be able to rent the gymnasium or school cafeteria for a nominal fee. Be sure to ask about the guidelines on decorating the space and bringing in and serving food.

Out-of-This-World Promotions

(Keep-It-Simple) Use ’50s style clip art, and design a postcard with your event information on it. Include fun ’50s jargon like this:

Grease your locks and grab your socks

For the [name of your church] Rock-a-Sock Hop!

We’ll rock, we’ll jive, we’ll swing and jump,

So join us girls and get out of your slump!

(Over-the-Top) Create your own mini 45 rpm records, and transform them into invitations. Cut invitation-sized circles from black poster board. Print information about your event in smaller circles on white paper, and glue these into the center to look like 45 records.

You can also cover or paint used CD/DVDs to create the look of a vinyl record…or check eBay for the real thing!

Dig the Decorations

With a little imagination, you can transform any open space into a ’50s style event to rock women’s socks!

(Keep-It-Simple) Cover tables with black-and-white checked plastic tablecloths. Use wrapped bubble gum as confetti decorations. Dangle plastic records from the ceiling, and hang cut-out musical notes and instruments along the walls.

(Over-the-Top) Create a balloon arch at the entrance, using pink, black, and white balloons. Design a pink Cadillac cut-out for a photo op. Women will gather their friends, smile for the camera, and leave with a great party favor to remember the evening. String rock-and-roll records across the doorway as a curtain, and create fun 45-record-style name tags for women.

Groovy Grub

Serve classic burgers, hot dogs, and fries in vintage baskets, and set plastic ketchup and mustard containers at the center of each table.

(Keep-It-Simple) Set up a create-your-own root beer float station.

(Over-the-Top) Create an old-fashioned soda bar, complete with a soda jerk, flavored sodas and floats, and homemade milkshakes. Don’t forget the whipped cream and cherry on top!

Cool Contests

Form teams, and have a night full of fun contests. For each contest, teams will choose a few women to represent the team. Give points to the winners to see who comes out on top.

Do the Hula. Clear a spot at the center of the space, and hand out hula hoops. Start the ’50s music, and see who can keep her hula hoop going the longest.

Jump and Jive. Provide jump ropes, and see who can jump longer than a minute.

Lucky Limbo. Grab a broomstick, and see how low these ladies can go!

’50s Trivia. Create a quiz with questions about popular ’50s people (Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Chuck Berry), movies (The African Queen, Ben-Hur, Jailhouse Rock), and bands. (Does anyone remember The Chordettes?) See who can answer the most questions correctly.

Biggest Bubble Blower. Provide bowls of bubble gum. On “Go,” contest participants unwrap gum and start chewing to find out who can blow the biggest bubble.

And the award goes to…Assemble prize bags filled with 1950s-type candy for the winning team—rock candy, candy lipstick, candy necklaces, wax lips, root beer barrels, atomic fireballs, cherry and orange slices, and Pez®.

Rock Around the Clock. Clear a large space in the center of your room, preferably in front of a stage area. Invite a local dance teacher to lead popular dances of the 1950s, such as the Stroll, Madison, and Hand Jive. Encourage everyone to join in. Your group will feel like they’re on American Bandstand in no time!

Cool-Cat Costumes

Invite women to wear ’50s attire. You might even have a contest for best outfit. Or place a costume trunk near the entrance, and encourage the ladies to deck themselves out in 1950s attire you’ve provided.

Visit local thrift stores, and stock up on the following items for your costume trunk:

  • Saddle shoes
  • Chiffon scarves
  • Poodle skirts
  • Beehive wigs
  • Black sunglasses
  • Cat eyeglasses
  • Pink Lady jackets


Courtney Walsh is a writer, scrapbooker, and art lover, whose favorite job is being mom to her three kids.