What is God’s purpose for your life? Once you discover it, what will you do?

This experience will encourage women to take steps toward living the life God intended for them. Have women write down one thing they believe is a part of God’s purpose for them on a slip of paper. Remind women that God’s purpose for them doesn’t have to be a grand or deep mission. It might be as simple as “love others” or “show God’s mercy to my family.”

Direct women to set their papers on the ground somewhere that’s away from others. Then have women stand about five feet from their papers.

Say: God wants you to take steps every day toward living out his purpose for your life. Take one step toward your paper, then stop and pray, asking God to help you in one specific way. Then take another step, stop, and pray. Continue taking steps and praying until you’ve reached the slip of paper.

Allow a few moments for women to pray and take steps toward God’s purpose in their lives.