Big snowflakes blew across the landscape, laughing at the calendar. I sighed, tired of their taunting. “It’s supposed to be spring,” I grumbled. I love the different seasons, but when it’s time for spring, I’m ready for it! Give me flowers, bees, and budding trees. And lilacs! Each spring the lilacs bloom….or not. If they start to bud out and the temperature drops—no lilacs. When they do bloom, I’m not ashamed to say I stop by every lilac bush near the sidewalk just to breathe in the scent of joy!

This year they started to bloom, but then the forecast dampened my spirits. Snow, freezing temperatures—so much for spring. I went out to my lilac bush and cut several sprigs. Filling a big vase, I resolutely put them on the table. Soon the scent of spring filled my house! I didn’t care if the snowflakes were falling—purple joy sat on my dining room table!

Lots of turmoil happened in my family this past spring, and the lilacs were sort of symbolic of God giving me something beautiful in the midst of the storm. I went to bed with their sweet fragrance still in air, hopeful. By the next afternoon the snow was gone, and wonder of wonders—my lilacs were fine! I danced around the backyard, thankful and delighted—joy was alive, and still would have been, even if the lilacs froze.

Spritz a little perfume on your wrist or take time to smell the flowers if you can find some blooming. Breathe in the scent with gratefulness, and thank God for his storm-defeating joy.

by DeeAnn Bragaw


“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5)

Lord, thank you for lilacs, for beauty around me, and for joy—even in the midst of hard times.

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