As we encourage you to network with others in women’s ministry, we don’t want you to forget the most important connection of all—the one with God! At your next team meeting, take time to intentionally consider how prayer is a part of your ministry and what changes need to take place in this area. Spend time in prayer during this meeting. Ask God what he wants your ministry to look like—and listen together. Here are additional ideas to consider together:

  • Recruit a prayer team. Identify women (or men!) who have a heart for your ministry, and invite them to pray for you all regularly and diligently. Recognize a point person who can organize prayer times, communicate them to others, and guide that group.
  • Be intentional with prayer. Make prayer a priority by setting up regular prayer times (personally and with the team). Make sure your church knows you have a prayer team. Develop a system for others to request prayer from your team, such as an email address where requests can be sent.
  • Make specific prayer requests. Ask God for his blessing on your ministry, but also make sure you pray specifically. Pray for women by name; pray for specific needs, such as volunteer needs or resource needs; pray for your team, your church, and the women of your community.
  • Journal what’s happening. Write down your prayers and the answers to those prayers. You might designate one person to keep a log. Encourage others to have their own journal as well. Prayer journals can help you see God active and alive in your ministry.
  • Celebrate what God is doing. Thank God, and praise him for what he is doing, for who he is, and for how he is making himself known. Review your prayer journals to celebrate all God has done.
  • Share your stories with others. Stories are so powerful. Make sure you record them and share them with your team and others in your ministry. It’s so powerful to share your answered prayers at gatherings.