Fall is here and it’s time for a women’s retreat! You can start planning now for a spring retreat, but it’s not too late to get started and have one this fall! If you need a few reminders of why retreats are so great, think about these:

Friendships. Women were created for connections. When women exchange encouragement, challenges, and stories, they invest in each other. Women gather and meet each other where they are, sharing and making memories together. Retreats give women the opportunity to connect

Fun. Women enjoy giggles at any age…they simply don’t take as much time to giggle once they’re grown up. We can laugh about the silliest things, and our laughter releases the stress of everyday life. Retreats give women the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves in a casual setting.

Faith. Women are passionate about faith. We seek significant living, searching for ways to impact others’ lives and fulfill the purpose of our lives. Retreats give women the opportunity to be challenged to grow and serve according to the desires of God.

Are you convinced? And just a friendly reminder, the WonderFull World retreat kit comes with a step-by-step planning guide. In fact, there’s even a “speedy” planning guide for those who want to have their retreat in a few weeks.


Amy Nappa is the Champion for Women’s Ministry at Group Publishing in Loveland, Colorado. Her biggest challenge is turning down a second piece of chocolate pie.