Does it seem as if the same women serve over and over again? How can you get more women involved? Try these practical ideas to add new women to your team.

  1. Allow for a wide variety of service opportunities. A few might commit to serving on your women’s ministry team or leading a women’s group for a full year, but also create ways for women to serve for shorter terms. Co-leading a four-week study, decorating for a Girls’ Night Out, shopping for a retreat, preparing baked goods for a fundraiser—all of these are great ways for someone to get involved without a gigantic commitment.
  2. If you want to grow your team, you’ll need to be willing to stretch. We get stuck in routines that limit the women we come in contact with. Sit in a different place in your worship center, or attend a different worship service. Step outside your comfort zone to meet women where they are.
  3. Partner with other ministry teams. Share your needs. Be on the lookout for each other, identifying women’s passions and skills and connecting them into the ministries they’re most gifted for. You might selfishly want to involve new women in your ministry, but remember…it’s not about your ministry; it’s about the entire community of Christians.
  4. Be realistic. Let women know what’s expected. Don’t forget to tell them they’ll need to attend a few meetings. Give women reminder calls every month or regularly submit bulletin and newsletter information.
  5. Be patient. Better to wait and have a great fit on your team than to force someone into a poorly-suited role and then struggle with how to cope with the resulting issues.