Red velvet cupcakes piled high with cream cheese icing, gooey maple-glazed cinnamon rolls, melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies, mocha brownies…

It’s bake sale day at church!

Most people fall into one of two categories—those who love to bake or those who love to eat, making bake sales a great choice for getting people involved in serving and as a way to support the financial needs of ministry. Bake sales have been a popular method of fundraising for generations, but don’t be tempted to think they’re outdated. Here are some tips for making your next church bake sale the best one ever!

Prepare It (2)

  • Pick your date and staff the event. You’ll need promoters, bakers, a display coordinator, and people who sell.
  • Advertise using all the traditional methods, such as the bulletin, but also use new ways to promote your event. Provide free bite-size samples the Sunday before your bake sale. Print labels and wrap them around a toothpick, creating a decorative flag with all the bake sale information.
  • Let your bake sale serve more than one purpose.  Turn the Friday or Saturday night before the sale into a Girl’s Night Out at the church. Bake and package together.

mix it up (1)

  • Bake sales don’t have to be limited to sweets! Many people leave church and drive directly to a restaurant for breakfast or lunch. Sandwiches, wraps, and soups are great options!
  • Fresh fruits and veggies are always a hit. Small reusable or recyclable pie or tart tins can be filled with a variety of healthy options.
  • Mix it up by choosing a simple theme you haven’t tried before. For instance, everyone loves cupcakes, so make your next bake sale a cupcake-only sale. Offer a variety of cupcakes, sold individually or by the dozen.

serve it (1)

  • Your bake sale isn’t a rummage sale, so it shouldn’t look like one. Invite someone who is talented in creating displays to put some flair into your bake sale.
  • Cute sells! Create small cookie towers, stacking three or more cookies, wrapping them in plastic wrap, and tying the top with a colorful bow.
  • Raffle one or more centerpiece items, such as a gingerbread house or fresh fruit pie. Hold a Dessert Dash, when people must buy raffle tickets within a limited time frame.
  • Wrap each item separately, and then display the assortment in baskets or on tiered serving trays. Add fresh flower arrangements or seasonal decorations to the tables.

Detail It (1)

  • Play background music.
  • Offer free water, juice, and coffee. People will stick around longer.
  • Remember to have a cash box with change, stickers for pricing, and pens.
  • Ask your sales team to wear cute aprons so it is easy for shoppers to ask for help.



Brook Hickle is a volunteer leader in women’s and children’s ministries in Enumclaw, Washington, where she lives with her rancher husband and three boys. She loves to run, ski, garden, cook, and organize everything she can get her hands on.