Most people appreciate, and sometimes need, the extra nudge that a personal trainer or workout partner provides. How much fun would it be to have a group of women grow in friendship while fitting in exercise?

Invite women to form different exercise groups: walking, hiking, weight-lifting, biking, jogging or swimming. Or offer workout classes at your church, such as Pilates, Zumba, or yoga.

Arrange for these groups to meet at least once a week, and more often if you have volunteers to facilitate each group. Knowing that others are going to be counting on you regularly to exercise together is motivating and helps women be faithful to the workout and to each other.

As you build muscle, you’ll also be building relationships that will naturally deepen with time. Discussing the goals you have for your exercise program can be a great springboard for discussing other goals you hope to reach in life.

This is a great outreach for women in your community. As you learn more about them, offer to pray for the needs they share in your conversations. Since you’ll be seeing them week after week, you’ll be able to follow up on how God is touching their lives and be able to share how they can have a personal relationship with God!

Excerpted from Women’s Ministry in the 21st Century – the Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas, packed full of more than 250 ideas to expand your Women’s Ministry.