Form a team of women who can provide meals to other women when they find themselves in need. For example, the team can provide meals when women are sick, when they have babies, or when their family has fallen on hard times financially.

For added fun, have the women occasionally give away a home-cooked meal at your women’s ministry events! Have women who attend your event put their names in a basket for a drawing. During the next week, the meals team should connect with the winner to check for special dietary needs and arrange for a time when a home-cooked meal would be especially appreciated. For an added touch, bring along some pretty paper goods for easy clean up.

Encourage the person who delivers the meal to take a few minutes to visit with the recipient, this is an easy way to extend friendship and love.

This idea can also be a great way to welcome new women into your group. A home-cooked meal would be an especially nice way to welcome someone who’s just moved to your area.

You might also adapt this idea and form a housecleaning team. Organize a group of women who enjoy housework and who would love to get to know one another as they serve others by cleaning the houses of women who could use a helping hand.

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