With Easter quickly approaching, here are some meaningful ways to reach out to women and families in your church and community.

Easter Photos

Easter Sunday is often one of the few occasions when everyone in a family is dressed up and all in one place. Arrange an area where family photos can be taken before and after worship services. Promote the family photo opportunity in your Easter service advertising to the community. Gather contact information so you can reconnect when the photo is ready.


Host an Easter egg hunt for all families or a group such as single moms or families with preschoolers. Provide goody bags for the moms, tucking in information about your upcoming Bible studies and events.

Spring Cleaning

Advertise the date, and invite women who are unable to do many physical tasks for themselves to reserve time to be served. Organize teams that will provide services such as mopping, washing windows, planting flowers, or other jobs that may be a challenge for those you’re serving. You may want to have specialists who can tackle difficult projects such as cleaning gutters, painting, and minor repairs.