When life gives you lemons…have a fun event with your girlfriends!

In honor of the beginning of summer, this lemon-fresh event will brighten hearts and help women grow closer in friendship. You can keep it simple with just a few of these ideas or go all out—it’s up to you!

Fresh Décor

Put up a cheerful lemonade stand at the entrance to your area. Station your greeters here to warmly welcome each person. Put name tags and similar items here. Use bright yellow buckets with white ribbons and white buckets with yellow ribbons as table centerpieces. Fill them with daisies or an assortment of citrus fruits. Yellow balloons will enliven any bland area—use lots of them!

(Switch the focus to pink lemonade, and you can use this event to support or celebrate women who are recovering from breast cancer!)

Sweet and Sour Snacks

Invite every woman to bring her favorite lemon dessert. You’ll end up with a delicious assortment of pies, bars, cookies, and cakes. Fill carafes with lemon slices and then pour lemon-lime soda over these for a refreshing beverage. Scoop lemon sherbet or sorbet into hollowed-out lemon halves. Pretty! Play with colors a bit, and serve pink lemonade with lime slices or choose berry-flavored lemonades.

Zesty Games

Pucker Up: Create a game similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and have blindfolded women pin puckered lip shapes to a face drawn on a large piece of cardboard.

Hot Lemon: Give each woman an index card, and have her write a fun question (that’s not embarrassing) on it, such as “What’s your favorite fast food?” or “Where do you wish you could go on vacation?” Then gather women in a circle, and pass a lemon around while music plays (just like “Hot Potato”). When the music stops, the woman holding the lemon answers one of the questions from the index cards. Keep playing until all the questions have been used.

When God Turns Lemons to Lemonade

Have a short devotion featuring the life of a woman from the Bible who was given “lemons” that were turned into lemonade by God. Consider Sarah, Ruth, or Rahab. Women could read portions of these stories from the Bible, or your team could create a skit that depicts portions of the lives of these historical women.

Have women get into groups of four or five and share about times that God turned a “lemon” situation (anything difficult) into lemonade. Rejoice in God’s ability to move us through the hardest times in life and help us find his joy in the midst of the most bitter challenges.

Sweetly Citrus Service Project

Ask women to bring lemon- or citrus-scented lotions and other toiletries. Collect these into small yellow tote bags, and deliver these as gifts to an organization in your community that reaches out to abused women.

Let women make Lemon Body Scrubs at your gathering—they can take one home for themselves and give one to a woman who is going through a difficult time. It’s great for refreshing skin!


Lemon Body Scrub:

For each Lemon Body Scrub you’ll need:

5 tablespoons salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 lemon

Mix the olive oil and salt together first. Then squeeze the juice of the whole lemon over that, and mush it all together. Place in a small jar (littler mason jars are cute for this!) and tie a yellow ribbon around the jar. To use, rub gently on skin to exfoliate dead cells; then rinse.