Hi leader.

You don’t know me, but I’m Steph. I work on the women’s team here at Group.

I’ve been wanting to write a new article for you for awhile, so I when I finally sat down to write to you the other morning, I asked this question: What do I want to say to this women’s ministry leader?

  • Do I share about a resource that can help her ministry?
  • Do I give her some new tips for reaching her community?
  • Do I teach a timely insight from the Bible that she can share with others?

And then the Holy Spirit said something that changed my whole direction.

“You’re asking the wrong question, dear,” he said. “The right question is what do I want to say to her?”

Ah. I see.

So I picked up my pen and asked his question instead. “What do you want say to her, Spirit?” Here’s his reply:

I want to tell her that I’m proud of her. I see her service and I hear her prayers. Her perseverance and loyalty honor me.

I want to tell her that she’s beautiful to me. This world judges beauty by youthfulness, but I judge differently. I see her–her heart for others, her kindness, her sensitivity to what matters to me–and it’s beautiful.

Finally (and this is the most important thing), I want to tell her that it’s never too late for a new wineskin (Mark 2:21-22).

I see transformation happening

About this last point, reader–I don’t know your story. I don’t know where you are right now with your faith, your ministry, your family, your finances.

But I do know that when the Spirit made this comment about new wineskins and I pictured you in my mind, I saw transformation happening. I felt Jesus’ heart toward you, and it was full of good feelings. This vision filled me with hope.

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The things that seem set aren’t set at all

If you’re like me, there are things in life right now that seem set, like they’ll never change. For me these things include patterns in relationships that seem stuck. They include my daily perspective and how I handle challenges. And they involve routines that feel locked in place. But when I heard Jesus speak about a new wineskin, I realized that these things aren’t set at all. Today is a new day, and his mercies are new.

I saw that he’s got new wine for us. Right now.

I don’t know about you, but I want it bad.

So here’s Jesus’ challenge to us: get a new wineskin. I believe this is as simple as saying “Yes” to his Spirit of transformation. It’s as simple as what Paul said about leaving the past behind us and looking ahead (Philippians 3:13). It’s forgetting what our experiences and history and patterns (aka old wineskins) say about what happens next, and approaching this new day with open, childlike faith.

Anything is possible with Jesus. All things can be made new. And he’s even got a few (good!) surprises up his sleeve.

So what do you say? Will you seek a new wineskin with me? Email me at shillberry@group.com to share how you’re saying Yes, and how I can pray with you for transformation right now.

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