Somewhere during my first pregnancy, I started allowing myself to eat ice cream straight from the container. That’s right, no restraint. As much ice cream as my not-so-little-anymore heart desired. I think there’s a level of entitlement when you’re pregnant that allows you to do that. I actually know the exact moment it happened. My friend brought me a pint of ice cream from our favorite ice cream shop and it seemed silly to scoop out a portion of it. A pint is barely more than one serving, right? So why bother?

Unfortunately, my bad habit did not dissipate with the birth of my daughter, and you can still catch me curled up on the couch every now and then with a spoon and my entire tub of cookies and cream ice cream. I’m not going to lie though; it makes me feel pretty guilty. Whenever I actually go to an ice cream shop, I always order a single scoop. I could never allow myself to indulge in public like I might at home!

The last time I was chowing down on a tub of the sweet stuff and going beyond a single serving, it struck me that God is not expecting me to take a single serving of what he has to offer. He doesn’t desire that I only accept a “reasonable” portion of his love, his grace, and his presence. He wants to me get the whole tub and go to town. He doesn’t want to satisfy only a temporary hunger pang. Instead, he wants to quench every thirst and need in my life.

Take a moment to rest in knowing that God’s love is wider than every worry you have, longer than every bad habit you’ve formed, higher than any doubt that comes your way, and deeper than the pain from your past. You don’t have to take only part of him to save some for others, or worry what people will think when they see the portion that you have taken. Rest in the unfathomable greatness of what the Lord wants to offer you.

by Lauren Bratten


““And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.” –Ephesians 3:18

Lord, thank you for your love that is greater than anything I can imagine. Please give me a full portion of that love today!

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