Recently one of my sisters went on a trip overseas to a country where the language and customs were…well…foreign! She and her team were there for 10 days to shoot videos to help kids in the United States learn more about other parts of the world. Pretty cool!

The only problem as they planned this journey was they didn’t know anything about this foreign part of the world. Didn’t speak the language. Didn’t know the safe and unsafe parts of the cities they’d be visiting. Didn’t know where to eat or not eat, where to get clean water, and on and on. The solution for all this? Hire a “fixer.”

I’d never heard of this type of person before, but apparently, fixers take care of all kinds of details for you when you’re in another part of the world. They know what’s safe and what’s not, where to stay, how to get local transportation, and so on. They can also take care of the details like helping you get permits and understand local customs. Yes, I have heard that some fixers also handle illegal transactions, but there are many that are legitimate and worth their fees. The key is finding a fixer who is reliable—someone you can trust—as you’re pretty much putting your life in that person’s hands for a little while.

As I was learning about fixers from my sister, I was sharing with a friend about a difficult situation going on in my personal life. It has felt huge and overwhelming to me, and I can’t solve it myself. My friend listened with compassion then reassured me, “God can fix this!” Things sort of clicked in my brain, and I thought, “God is the ultimate fixer!”

God knows what is safe and not safe for me. He knows what’s ahead and where I need to go. He knows where I should step and what paths I should avoid. And God can be trusted. More than any earthly, human fixer. I can actually put my life in his hands. True, it’s easier to say that than to do it. But ever since I’ve had this thought, I’ve been daily (and sometimes hourly) telling myself “trust God, trust God, trust God.”

I’ve also been reading about the concept of “Divine Anticipation” in Why Nobody Wants To Go To Church Anymore. It’s the expectation that God is powerful enough to do something—and that he will. This requires us to trust the Holy Spirit and give control completely to God. We never know what God will do, but we can believe that he is able.

As ministry leaders, it is so hard to lead by example in this area. We can teach it and preach it, but actually doing it in our own lives is such a challenge. We tend to be “fixers” ourselves, and waiting on God to do the fixing can feel almost impossible. So this is my prayer for you and for me: That we will open our hands to let go of what needs to be fixed and will turn those things over to the most powerful and capable and perfect Fixer. God.