Once the snowy days of winter are underway in your community, host a sledding party for mothers and their families. Find a nearby sledding hill, set a date and spread the word that there will be sleds to borrow, hot chocolate, and cookies for all!

Provide sleds or saucers, inner tubes, or other sledding items that people can borrow. Moms on a low income will especially appreciate this inexpensive family fun and friend-building opportunity.

Here are some additional ideas to encourage involvement:

  • Gather donations of gently used winter wear, to be distributed to families in need, ahead of the event.
  • Arrange carpools to the event.
  • Have a meal together after the event! This will give women who would rather stay indoors to serve, an opportunity to do so.

For more fun, have a volunteer video and photograph the event to post on your church website or social media page. Invite moms to view photos of their families by visiting the church website – where they’ll discover other opportunities to become connected to your church. Be sure to provide small cards with your churches website, and other general information, to hand out to folks who aren’t an active part of your congregation.

Excerpted from Women’s Ministry in the 21st Century – the Encyclopedia of Practical Ideas, packed full of more than 250 ideas to expand your Women’s Ministry.