“Wow! That was the best meeting ever!”

Do you hear these words at the end of most meetings? Probably not. Unfortunately, most meetings are long, boring, and often pointless. No wonder no one wants to attend! If you want women to be so excited about your team meetings that they actually show up early, try these 5 tips:

5 Tips for Having Amazing Meetings

  1. Avoid meeting overload. Before you even schedule a meeting, decide what really needs to be accomplished. Can these decisions be handled through e-mail or a few phone calls? Save your meeting times for focusing on the things you need to be together to accomplish.
  2. Create an agenda and send it to your team before the meeting so they can be prepared. Structure your meetings so the “must-cover” issues are completed at least 15 minutes before the end of your meeting.
  3. Start and finish on time. This conveys respect for busy schedules and honors those who come on time.
  4. Create a “can’t-miss” experience that keeps women excited about being involved. You might offer free massages 15 minutes before the meeting, have a craziest shoes contest (complete with prizes), or invite a local vendor for a brief demonstration (how about a line dancing lesson?). Create a sense of community, and value fun interaction.
  5. Communicate value. Celebrate and honor your volunteers, and schedule times to just have fun together. Remember, the team that prays and plays together—stays together!

Try this: A church in Colorado shared how they’ve put these ideas into action: when planning their women’s retreat, the whole team went to the retreat center, spent one night there, and used their time for planning. This allowed them to see the location, taste the food, and even feel how comfortable the beds were. Best of all, the church covered the cost of this gathering, so it honored those leaders with a fun time of rest and relaxation and was a wonderfully bonding experience.

For another meeting, a leader sent a reminder note to each team member saying that the next meeting would be at a local coffee shop. She included a five-dollar gift card for that coffee shop. Those leaders felt valued—and didn’t miss the meeting!

What tips can you share about hosting great meetings? Leave your comments below!