You might have a food pantry in your community or church, but what about a coupon pantry? What if you shared savings with those who could benefit from saving a few dollars? (That’s probably most of us!) Perhaps you have access to coupons you throw away either because you don’t use the product or because you can’t use the coupons before the expiration date.

Here’s how to create a coupon pantry for all to share!

1. Start with photo or shoe boxes. Create dividers with large index cards or half sheets of colored cardstock.

2. Chose categories. There’s no need to collect every imaginable coupon. Determine products commonly used among women, such as:

  • cleaning supplies
  • personal hygiene products
  • baby diapers and formula
  • restaurants
  • spa services
  • department stores

Create a section for each category of products.

3. Within each category, create two sections: the first section for coupons expiring within 30 days, and the second section for all other expiration dates.

4. Have another box nearby for coupon deposits.

5. Post a few basic guidelines:

  • Deposit all coupon donations in the coupon deposits box. Please do not sort coupons into other boxes.
  • Please take only the coupons you will use.
  • Take coupons with the closest expiration dates (located in the first section of each category).

6. Coordinate volunteers who will sort new coupons and removed outdated coupons every 1 to 2 weeks.

7. Promote the coupon pantry, and invite everyone to participate.

Enjoy sharing the savings!