Does your mother ever embarrass you? My friend, Amy, recently shared a memory of a time her mom really pushed the limits of embarrassing her! Here’s what happened:

It was my 14th birthday, and to celebrate, my mother took my best friend, Leah, and I out to our favorite restaurant, the Turtle Club. (Anyone in Alaska, be sure to visit this wonderful place!) The restaurant was dimly it, but as I sat down I glanced up and noticed a painting on the wall. It caught my attention because it was the bust of a beautiful woman wearing only a Santa hat.

Soon after that I announced that I had to use the restroom. Of course Leah came along. When we got to the bathroom, I told Leah about the painting. After tittering nervously about it for a few minutes, we quietly walked back toward the table. As we got closer we realized that an addition had been made to the painting while we were away. Two bright, pink Sweet ‘n’ Low packets had been stuck over the “delicate places” on the painting! Oh, the mortification! Leah and I froze in our tracks, and then quickly back-pedaled to the bathroom. We were so humiliated! How could my mother have done such a thing? Didn’t she know how embarrassing that was?

As we peeked out the bathroom door we saw my mother call the server over and speak briefly with her. The server then helped her collect our things and moved her to another table across the room. Leah and I sighed with relief and quietly crept to the new table.

None of us said a word about the painting until we were safely home. Then I asked my mom how she had gotten those packets to stick to the painting. Turns out, she had used her straw to drop a bit of water onto the packets and just slapped them right up there! She had also spoken to the server about the appropriateness of having a nude painting in a dining room where families ate. The next time we visited the Turtle Club, the painting was gone, and Leah and I both learned a valuable lesson about speaking up for what’s right, even when it’s embarrassing!

It turns out that sometimes our moms embarrass us—but often it can be for a good reason! And it’s not easy always being that mom who has to do what’s right for her kids.

This story makes us glad we have our moms’ ministry curriculum. Check out all three Where Moms Connect for more info!