No, your calendar isn’t lying. It’s already November and the holidays are sneaking up on us. (We can’t believe it, either!)

Now that we’re officially entering the holiday season, it’s time to start planning.

Here are 5 service ideas leading into the holidays:

  1. Project Warmth. Collect blankets, coats, and other warm clothing for the homeless. Depending on the climate where you live, you might want to collect rain ponchos and socks.
  2. Virtual Holiday Guests. Ask a retirement home or nursing home which patients never receive visitors and ask to set up window visits, video calls, or a regular old phone call. Call once a month to read, chat, and listen.
  3. Adopt a Missionary. Learn about the people and the culture where the missionary serves. Communicate regularly, and ask for needs. Share the needs, and gather the items for an early Christmas care package.
  4. Home Help. Connect with elderly people, single moms, and widows who need help winterizing their homes.
  5. Sleigh Bells. Plan a special delivery to people in your community who work on Christmas Eve, such as emergency personnel, convenience store clerks, and hospital personnel. They’ll be encouraged by surprise visitors with simple gifts like cookies or handwritten cards.

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