This past winter we had a cold spell. You know, days below zero when you can’t go outside for more than a few seconds. In the middle of the month when there was a tiny reprieve in the weather, I received an email:

There is a free movie at the Old Town Library tonight at 7 p.m. Who cares if you’ve seen it before—come anyway! There’s free popcorn! Invite friends so you can carpool. —Lynette

I’d been copied on this email with 12 other women. Lynette wanted us to get together and was planning a random event on the spur of the moment.

While it seemed kind of silly to me, I went anyway—and 40 other women showed up at the library, as well. Women from our church came, dragging along their sisters, neighbors, and girlfriends. Everyone else was tired of winter, too. Some of us were able to go out for coffee after the movie—it was a blast! Just one more example of Lynette’s random events.

Usually, Lynette tries to give a day or two as notice for one of her last-minute outing ideas. She says she comes upon something she likes and sends out an email. Someone suggested she become an event planner. She responded, “Certainly not! I really don’t like work!” Yet she’s wonderful at seeing a free event or happening in town and inviting others to join in.

Lynette’s email list has turned into random events such as women going to “Messiah” community sings, free days at the zoo, and computer classes offered through the Salvation Army. There have been art shows and hand bell concerts, garden tours and financial seminars. Science fairs, new book events—and when she found 10 weeks of free keyboard instruction, we took the lessons and all practiced at church! We’ve toured a new women’s shelter and served dinner at the local facility for homeless people. And the list goes on!

Why does Lynette do this? “I just get tired of doing stuff by myself,” she said. “There are so many good free things to attend. I hate having to choose between going alone or staying home.”

The women in our church are glad she feels this way! We all need a Lynette in our church!