So many times we make prayer a rote part of our gatherings. “Let’s open with a word of prayer” or “Let’s close our time in prayer” or “Before we eat, let’s offer thanks.” While it’s certainly not wrong to pray at set times, the fact that talking to God becomes another part of our “routine” can make prayer feel less important.

It makes sense to consider fresh approaches to talking with God. It doesn’t always have to be a formula. Instead, we can breathe new life into our conversations with the Most Holy One. These ideas are easy to use and powerful:

We love this Jesus-Centered coloring book, it contains 40 hand-drawn illustrations to help you relax and refresh…ponder and pray…as you consider 40 biblical names of Jesus.easy to use—and can help you, your leadership team, and the women in your ministry find new depth and meaning during times of prayer.

  • Pray for what’s in the news. Use newspapers or news reports on cell phones and other devices during your prayer time. Encourage women to pray for the pressing needs in your city, the nation, and the world.
  • Pray from the Bible. Psalms is packed with prayers of praise, frustration, and pleas for help. Pray the words of the psalms aloud to connect with God in a different way.
  • Go outside. A different physical perspective can change our spiritual perspective. Whether it’s hot, cold, day, night, raining, snowing, or hailing, being outside lets us literally breathe, see, hear, and smell something that is different from being inside. Let that help guide your conversation with God.
  • Color your conversation. Provide blank paper and bowls of crayons. Use drawings or splashes of color to express your emotions to God. He knows what your doodles mean without any explanation.
  • Go there. If someone needs prayer, go to her. If you’re praying for the children of your church, walk through the Sunday school rooms as you pray. If you’re praying for a business, walk around it as you pray. Go to the people and places you want to pray for. See the needs right in front of you so you can get specific in your conversations with the Lord.

No matter what—expect that God will be listening.