Fresh New Year, fresh new day, fresh new juicer! Yes!

Pulling produce from the fridge, I smiled. “I’m pretty good at this already!” I thought smugly. My son needed to leave early, so I washed and chopped and sliced quickly. Tossing all manner of delicious freshness into the juicer, I flipped the switch. Oh no! In my hurry I had not been careful as I put the juicer together. At high speed, bits of spinach and apple spat out of gaps that shouldn’t have been there. We laughed (and I groaned) as I pulled the bits from my hair and face. I cleaned up the mess, vowing to be more careful the next time.

Fifteen minutes later, I decided to make some more juice for my husband. This time I made sure to put all the pieces of the juicer together carefully! I packed the produce into the tube and flipped the switch. Yay! No bits of flying apple or carrot came toward me. This was great! Suddenly—oh no! I wailed as I turned the juicer off. Somehow after rinsing it earlier, I had not put the pitcher back under the spigot for the juice! The juicer was assembled perfectly, but with no pitcher at the end of the tube, fresh juice made a lake and ran under everything on the counter.

God’s Never-Ending Patience

On days like this, I wonder how God’s patience with me can keep flowing time after messed-up time. Especially when the consequences are bigger than wiping juice off the counter. I look at the things I do with good intentions that end up creating messes. The enemy tries to pull me down with discouragement and tempts me to take my eyes off Jesus. Then I remember that our friend and Savior shows compassion because of his unfailing love. He never forgets how to assemble it. He never leaves something out. It’s there, day after day, fresh each morning after crazy-mixed-up morning. Let me tell you, that is good news for this girl!

So if you ever have a morning of being down on yourself because of your mistakes—a morning when you don’t know the next step—take heart! Grab a glass of juice and enjoy the fresh taste of God’s unfailing love. Love that can lead the way out of any mess we create.

by DeeAnn Bragaw


“Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you.” Psalm 143:8

Lord, thanks that you’ve got everything I need for this day! Please show me where to walk, and thank you that this morning, no matter what, I can trust your unfailing love! Amen.