Statistics show that many teenagers leave the church after high school.

As they move beyond high school and enter college, the armed services, or the workforce, they can easily feel as if their friends are no longer involved in church, so they don’t have a place to belong anymore.

Help them get to know you and other adults in your church by providing a fun meal at an upcoming young adult event!

Here’s how: members of your church can provide the food and hang around to visit with the young adults throughout the meal. It’s an easy way to start relationships that can lead to making a life-changing difference! Here are some suggestions for fun and easy foods:

  • Loaded nacho bar
  • Salad and baked potato bar
  • Homemade pizzas
  • Hot dog station with all the fixin’s
  • Breakfast casseroles (for overnight events)

By sharing food, your church can break down social barriers. Bring on the potlucks, barbecues, snacks and desserts. Try dinner-and-a-movie nights and coffee shop get-togethers. Those who share meals together are three times more likely to say they’re highly satisfied with church.

For more ways to love with radical hospitality, check out “Why Nobody Wants to go to Church Anymore” by Thom and Joani Schultz.