The To-Do List: Some women live by it and others avoid it. The reality is you have a lot of responsibilities, and it’s frustrating when you drop one of the balls you’re juggling. Try a few simple organizational tips.

Note It. Keep a small, spiral notebook with you at all times. Jot down thoughts, dates, and details throughout the day. Transfer them to your calendar, computer, or to-do list at the end of the day. Cross items off the notebook page and throw away pages as they’re filled and completed. If you’re smartphone savvy, use your “notes” function on your phone for this.

Wait on It. Most downtime is unplanned and unexpected. Be prepared. Carry something with you when away from home or the office, so you can use downtime to get small tasks done. Jot a blog post. Read a magazine article. Write thank-you notes.

Give It Up. Involve others. Sharing ministry involves time and energy. As you share, you allow others to invest in the ministry and you invest in others. Delegate responsibly. Balance trust with accountability and encouragement.

Getting and staying organized takes a small time commitment but can yield huge results.

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