When I taught my oldest daughter to drive, I did it with a racing heart, wringing of hands, and biting of my nails. When we arrived home, I ran for the nearest bottle of Tylenol. Amy’s driving gave me a throbbing, stabbing, pounding headache.

I sprawled across the couch with a cool cloth over my eyes, attempting to relax and wait for the headache to subside. I was wishing I’d never have to get in a car with her again. In my opinion, she didn’t stop soon enough, slow down soon enough, or brake soon enough.

But today, she is a very responsible driver so I must have been a good instructor after all.

Trusting God

I knew God was her protector and that he was watching over her when I was giving her lessons and she was learning to drive, but I didn’t act like our calm and caring Heavenly Father was overseeing my daughter’s driving lessons. I understood enough about God’s ways and God’s character that I knew he didn’t want me in a state of panic and biting my nails to the quick when our girls reached the driving age.

When God watches over us, he’s not biting his nails—and he doesn’t want us to either. He wants us to trust him to watch over us and our children, whatever their age is. Our lives are in God’s hands, and our children’s lives are also in the hands of our Heavenly Father.

When I taught our other daughter to drive a couple years later, I remembered the lesson God taught me with her sister. When Mary unwisely pulled out in front of a car she should have let pass by, I deliberately unclenched my jaw and immediately prayed, “Please, Lord, help me trust you…and please help me stop biting my nails.”

As a result of driving lessons, I learned to trust God with the lives of my now-grown daughters. I have much more peace than I did before, and I understand more clearly how much I can trust God.

by Kathy Cheek


“How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the shadows of your wings.” (Psalm 36:7)

Lord, when I start to worry about the safety of my family, I know in my heart that they are in your care and that’s the best place to be.