Women often look at one another and notice differences.

“She doesn’t dress like me. She doesn’t talk like me. That person doesn’t know what I’m going through right now and probably isn’t interested in my interests.”

We make a lot of assumptions, and that makes it hard to connect.

Help women find common ground and easy connecting points with these questions. They can be used at any Bible study or event (such as a retreat) to help unite women as they share experiences. Copy these onto note cards, and have women draw questions on a different topic to share; or use a different topic each week with your Bible study table groups. Have fun finding common ground and sharing stories!


  • Where have you traveled?
  • Where do you dream of traveling?


  • At what have you felt most insecure?
  • What lessons have you learned about insecurities?


  • What’s one friendship that stands out to you?
  • What qualities do you treasure most in friendship?


  • What frustrates you most in family life?
  • What’s one thing you’ve learned about dealing with frustrations?


  • How do you feel when you help others?
  • How do you feel when others help you


  • What is your first response when you feel overwhelmed?
  • How does your perspective of a burden change after time has passed?


  • Share something you enjoy and how you got started.
  • What’s one hobby you’d enjoy teaching someone or one you’d like to learn?


  • Share a funny personal experience.
  • What makes you giggle like a schoolgirl?


Susan Lawrence enjoys spending time with friends and digging deeper into relationships. Get to know Susan better at PurePurpose.org.