The other day I got into a bit of a cleaning frenzy. You know, the kind-of frenzy that occurs when all of the sudden you get word that your relatives are spontaneously stopping by for a couple of nights. All of the sudden, the walls somehow look dirtier than normal, the baseboards needed a washing, and even the duvet could stand to be washed and ironed! So after scouring, cleaning, ironing, organizing, scrubbing, and rinsing, I felt as if the place had definitely had a face lift! I was ready to host my guests and feeling so excited to show off my place that I even got a little crazy and bought a new hand towel and fancy soap for the guest bathroom.

So, needless to say, when the guests came their comments of “Oh  I can’t believe how nice the place looks! Did you paint the living room wall?” made me feel pretty good about myself.

Later in the evening we settled into a nice time of chatting with coffee in the living room. And that’s when the inevitable happened. The light hit the room just right and I noticed that the room hadn’t been dusted in ages. What seemed clean in a certain light didn’t look at all clean now. In fact, the ceiling fan looked as if it had grown a layer of hair on top of it. Funny how just a bit of different lighting can change the way an entire room appears.

This got me thinking of how much our walk with the Lord can be the same way. We can walk around for days, weeks, and even months thinking that we are really spiritually solid, grounded, and inspiring individuals. I admit there have been times when I’ve thought a bit highly of myself. I’ve felt like I was a spiritual sage, to say the least. And then, bam, just the right light hits and all of a sudden my sin is exposed. And just like the “clean room” that was actually quite dirty, sin is the same way. We’re never a very good judge of how clean we really are—God is the only one who can shine the light on our lives and expose the dirtiness of sin.

Psalm 119:105 says that God’s word is a light unto our feet and a light unto our paths. The only way to truly stay “clean” is to constantly stay in the light of the presence of God. He will reveal and expose what needs to be cleaned. And fortunately, he’s willing to do that cleaning himself!

by Sheryl Oneal


“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

Lord, be the light for my path today. I want to stay in your light and shine for you!

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