Coping with cancer is difficult even with a strong support network, which many people don’t have. Reach out to others in need through a difficult season of life.

  • Prayer Bears. Ask people to donate new, cuddly teddy bears, or make your own. Pray over each bear, tucking a note into a pock or tying it to each bear’s hand.
  • Healing Touch. Cancer patients get poked and prodded regularly. Provide some balance with a loving touch such as simple manicures or hand massages. Be sensitive to areas that commonly have tape and needle pricks through procedures. Even a simple touch on the arm while speaking to someone can be an encouragement.
  • Four-Legged Friendships. Pet owners who are ill may stress about the consistent care of the pets they adore. Offer to take a pet for a walk or stop by in the middle of the day to give the animal a snack and some fresh water.
  • Auto Maintenance. By the time people go to and from medical appointments and treatments, there is often little energy and time left for regular tasks such as car maintenance. Offer to get the oil changed, tires checked, and gas tank filled.