Spring brings a new season, and often a new schedule for children. Soccer, baseball, tennis, and more. Being at their children’s sports practices and games can prevent mothers from getting involved in Bible study.

Here’s a fresh idea: Invite a few of those mothers to use one practice a week to share prayer needs and read a short devotion together. While the kids are exercising their bodies, they can be exercising their faith. It doesn’t have to be long and involved with lots of homework—anyone who shows up can join in.

This can end up being both a huge encouragement for those who can’t make weekly meetings during this season, and an outreach opportunity as well. Other moms who are also at practice may be curious about what’s going on, and since they don’t have to have a lot of Bible knowledge to participate, simply invite them to join in. After a few weeks of being included they might start asking how they can know more about Jesus!


Amy Nappa, former and much loved Champion for Women’s Ministry at Group Publishing in Loveland, Colorado.