Encourage the women in your church to come together for a bike clinic!

Invite local bike experts to give simple maintenance tips, including how to do a tune-up and how to fix a flat tire. Arrange for the experts to help women “size” their bikes and adjust handlebars and seats for a better fit and a more comfortable ride.

Provide table displays with information about biking gear and clothing, bike safety, local bike paths, and biking-to-work opportunities.

Before the event, encourage your church and community to donate used bikes to be given away at the event. This event can be a great way to pass along no-longer-needed baby seats and helmets. Be sure that the bike mechanics inspect the seats and the helmets for safety, a helmet that’s sustained an impact in a crash should not be handed on.

While women use this time to get to know others who enjoy cycling, take advantage of the opportunity to plan a variety of rides in your area, for serious bikers, and those with young children. Encourage the cyclists to meet at least once a month to enjoy fellowship and ride together.

This can also be a great outreach for single moms or families in need. Organize a bike drive and modify the event above to include kids, a safety presentation, and family meal!

Excerpted from Women’s Ministry in the 21st Century from Group Publishing