Once a month hold a fun entry-point women’s event at your church building. The event should be an easy, non-threatening time that women can invite their non-Christian friends, neighbors, and coworkers to.

The atmosphere should be relaxed, friendly, and very informal. Prep your team and regular attendees to make a point to welcome new women into the group and bring them into conversation with others.

Other ways you can make it special:

  • Serve coffee and a homemade dessert, such as cobbler or pie.
  • Invite a speaker from outside your church to share their knowledge. Subjects could cover a number of things; nutrition, cooking, fitness, simplifying the holidays, investing, relationships, quilting, knitting or decorating.

As more women become involved, do a quick survey on what other subjects they’d like to discover more about. These gatherings may lay the groundwork for small interest groups–the possibilities are endless!