It’s a new year. And my, how quickly January is passing by! It’s amazing to me how fast a month can go by.

I’m sure that you, like so many of us, are working getting into the swing of 2021. There always seems to be a ton to do–planning, executing, communicating– you name it, we do it! I’ve been on that same path, but one of the things I encourage you to think about as you plan things for the year is ways to affirm your volunteers.

Whether you have 1 person who helps you, or 50, everyone wants to feel valued. It’s so ingrained in our DNA. As a leader, it’s one of the most important things you can do– make the people you lead feel like they are making a difference.

So how can you affirm someone? It can be super simple. Here are just a few of the things I think I’ll try this coming year:

  • Have a stash of a few $5 Starbucks cards that you can give to someone and just say “I appreciate you”.
  • Write an actual, personal note to someone and mail it or leave it on their desk. Just saying “You are awesome!” can really brighten someone’s day.
  • Ask God to lead you to a personal scripture for each of your volunteers and share it with them. Tell them you hope they are absolutely filled with God’s love today.
  • Take the time to write one trait for each person you work with that you genuinely appreciate. Tell them that trait and why it matters to your team!

I’m sure you’ve got lots of good ideas too. If you have one, please share it in the comments!!

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Emily Thompson is on the leadership team for her church, Hope Boulder, located in Boulder, CO. Emily loves music, reading and all things Disney!

Psst…looking for more volunteer ideas? Check out these articles!