Patience is a virtue that we all wish we had more of, but that we don’t want to, well, wait for! You can use this warm-up to get women discussing patience in their own lives while they experience waiting for something tasty.

Prep and Supplies:

  • One delicious treat (such as a brownie, cookie, or slice of cheesecake) per person
    (Be sure the treats are nicely displayed, and that they are on individual plates or napkins so women can take one easily. Do not serve any other snacks ahead of time so women will be nice and hungry!)

The Warm-Up

Have women find partners, introduce themselves, and sit together. Give each woman one of your delicious treats. Tell them to hold their treat in front of them, but they are not to eat it just yet.

Say: While you’re holding this treat and imagining how delicious it will taste, talk to your partner about the time in your life when you feel the most impatient. 

After three or four minutes, invite a few women to share their responses with the entire group. At this time you can let women know they don’t have to be impatient anymore, and they may eat their treat. Or, if you really want to drive home the point, you might consider having them really exercise patience and wait until the end of your gathering to indulge!