It’s become cold here in Colorado. Especially in the mornings! Today, it was something around 25 degrees when I went out to my car… Brrrr!

I was getting ready to scrape the ice off my car, when my loving husband stepped in to do it for me. “Get in and get warm!” he says. This is just one of the many thoughtful things he does, but today, it really made my day! It was simple act, that only took him a few minutes, but I drove away to work with a smile on my face (and some warmth in my fingers!) because of his kindness.

I encourage you to think of a way you can be kind to someone around you today. A friend, a woman in your ministry, whomever God calls you to serve. It can be a nice note, or as simple as a hello and a genuine “How are you today?”. These little acts can truly brighten someone’s day and in some small way, perhaps be a glimpse of Jesus to them.


Emily Thompson is on the leadership team for her church, Hope Boulder, located in Boulder, CO. Emily loves music, reading and all things Disney!