This prayer puts service in to action! You’ll take women outside and pray as your walk.

The Prayer

Have women form pairs or trios. Explain that you’re going to leave the building and walk around the neighborhood. As women walk past homes, schools, or businesses, they should pray aloud with their partners for the people who live, study, or work there.

This time of prayer will be a true act of service to your community, asking for God’s love to be made known in your community, and for people to come to know Jesus personally.

Encourage groups to spread out in the neighborhood—some might even want to drive to different locations to cover more area. Tell women how long they should walk (such as for a half an hour) and pray. It can be exciting to have groups return to your starting location and share what happened on their prayer walk. Did they meet someone? Share about Jesus with someone? Have any special insights as they were walking and praying?