God’s plan for our lives can be hard to discern. With this prayer, women can pray for each other, asking God to guide them in all areas of life.

The Prayer

For groups of three. Ask each women to take three items out of her purse—the more unique each item is the better. Have trios discuss this question:

  • What part of your life does each item represent?

You Don't Have to Be a Superhero to Change

For example, a movie stub might represent choices we make in what we watch or experience. A container of pain reliever could represent health. A child’s school photo might represent family. (Remember, there are no right or wrong answers!) After trio members have shared, have women pass their three items to the right. Then allow trios to spend time praying for each other. As a woman hold each item, she’ll pray for the own and for God’s guidance in the area of life that person talk about. Encourage women to pray for God’s guidance in all areas of their lives.