Just in case you’ve missed all the signs, advertisements, and email reminders, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10.

As the mother of a boy, I’ve received plenty of colorful hand-made cards over the years, dandelion bouquets, and a variety of gifts that I know my son picked out with the nudges (and wallet) of my husband. But now that my son is grown (and no longer has Dad handing him a few dollars at the store) those gifts have tapered off. These days I’m happy when my son sends me a text at some point during Mother’s Day. Usually, these arrive half-way through church—and I know that he’s attending church in his hometown far away and has suddenly had a “What? Today’s Mother’s Day? Why didn’t anyone tell me?” moment.

Those little notes on my phone make me smile. It’s great to be remembered even in a small way. To know someone thinks you’re special and appreciates you. Which brings me to a ministry thought. When was the last time you thanked your volunteers? If a little note or a handful of flowers from the yard can make us smile, it shouldn’t take too much effort to make those who serve with us smile as well.

Get creative! Cookies always make a great thank you– everyone loves cookies! Before the week is over, take a few minutes to write a note, drop off cookies, or email a cheery message. We all need to know we’re special and appreciated.

And, by the way, our team here at Group appreciates YOU! Thanks for all you do to draw women closer to each other and Jesus.


Amy Nappa, former and much-loved Champion for Women’s Ministry at Group Publishing in Loveland, Colorado.