Use this fun baby shower event to support young women in your community who are coping with crisis pregnancies. Here’s how:

  1. Contact your local crisis pregnancy center to find out what supplies they need.
  2. Create an invitation, including a “registry” of the center’s needs. Remind attendees that there’s no need to wrap their gifts.
  3. Gather your team and start planning an epic baby shower!

Use baby shower decorations, serve baby shower goodies; for example, a decorated cake, punch, mints, and nuts. Invite a representative from the crisis pregnancy center to give a presentation about the young women who are served by the organization. Have a gift table to display all of the items that are donated. Be sure you take lots of fun photos to post to social media to generate interest in your ministry.

Another way to bless these young women is to provide gift bags for them to make them feel special and loved. Ask for donations; for example, lotions, nail files and other fun items. Ask for donations ahead of time and have a packaging party at the shower!

To close, form small groups of three or four to pray specifically for the center, the pregnant women, and the babies they will soon have.

Be sure to offer connections for women who want to do more. Encourage them to volunteer to help at the center, be a part of a mentoring program, or even open their home to host a pregnant girl while she awaits the birth of her baby.

Follow-up activities may include; “adopting” young moms, providing them support both physically and emotionally, such as; cooking meals, babysitting or holding the baby while mom takes a much-needed nap.