1. Host a brunch. Create a theme, and decorate simply and inexpensively. Purchase scrapbook paper to match the theme, and place the papers in the center of each table. Add a candle or single flower, and sprinkle wrapped chocolates around the centerpiece. Enjoy relaxing together. Celebrate each team member by sharing memories and appreciation.

2. Give a simple gift. Fill a reusable cup with candies or drink mixes. Attach an encouraging verse and note of thanks to each cup.

3. Send a handwritten note. Make your own cards, or purchase a bargain pack. Let each woman know something specific you appreciate about her.

4. Plan a getaway. Getting away for an overnight retreat is a great way to deepen relationships and have fun together. Eating, playing games, and chatting go a long way toward bringing teams together. Perhaps you can save money from events throughout the year, or someone passionate about ministry might be willing to finance a trip or provide a home. If overnight is not an option, a day away from routines can be just as fun!

5. Plan the unexpected. Imagine the fun of having a Secret Santa in May, when no one expects it! Share the plan with your team, and remind them that purchases should remain inexpensive—or only involve handmade or gently used items. Enjoy surprising each other in secret for several weeks; then reveal Secret Santas during a dessert night.

Encouraging ministry teams doesn’t have to be expensive. Let women know they’re appreciated. Their efforts are important. Peek at your schedule today and find a way to love on your team soon.


Jenna Acevedo is a writer, speaker, and substitute teacher. She lives in Chandler, Arizona, with her husband and three children. Encouraging women to find their worth and hope in Christ is her passion.