As you build your ministry team, keep your eyes open for these qualities—they’re ones you want to avoid! When you see team members displaying any of the following characteristics, you’ll need to talk to them in person, privately, and right away. Keep Matthew 18:15-17, Titus 3:10, and Ephesians 4:31-32 in mind as you approach others, because these behaviors can tear your team and your ministry apart!

  1. Negativity. A bad attitude goes a long way toward destroying a good ministry.
  2. Backstabbing. Those who say one thing to your face and another to someone else are cancerous to a ministry.
  3. Hidden agendas. Watch for people who want to get involved in your ministry for reasons other than serving God and women.
  4. Immaturity. People who pull childish stunts, shy away from responsibility, or blurt out inappropriate jokes are a hindrance to your ministry.
  5. Spiritual aloofness. If the person has no apparent desire to grow in or model spiritual maturity, she is simply not a candidate for ministry at this time.