You might be silently screaming those words, or perhaps the silent screamers are the women on your ministry team. And when women are burnt out, they’re likely to quit. As the ministry leader, it’s up to you to provide enough “oxygen” to keep the ministry passion ignited in your team, but you also need to manage and organize the environment so there’s low risk of anyone (including yourself) burning out. Here are a few top reasons women burn out in ministry—and what you can do about it:

  1. Lack of communication. Keep in touch through emails, a private Facebook group, or photocopies of meeting minutes. Make sure everyone is kept in the loop.
  2. Not enough delegation. Get organized, and get the right people doing each job. Have each person on your team invite a friend to help her.
  3. Unclear vision. Make sure everyone on your team knows the purpose of your ministry and how you plan to fulfill it. Keep your vision statement simple, and talk about it often to fan the flames of enthusiasm.
  4. Mixed-up priorities. You and your team members need to know it’s okay to put family or personal life before ministry.  What one person feels is a higher priority might differ from the opinion of another. Respect each other.
  5. Lack of encouragement. Words of affirmation are critical. Say “thank you” often. Celebrate successes. Write notes affirming the contributions and talents of your team. It’s hard to quit when you know you’re a highly valued team member.


So what are three ways to burn-proof your ministry?

  1. Pray. Yes, this sounds cliché, but it’s important. Take the situation to God first, and ask for direction.
  2. Talk to someone wiser. Ask for insight from a different perspective.
  3. Look for training opportunities. Training can re-energize, re-inspire, and refocus you and your team.