How long have you been doing the same Bible study format or series? One year? Three years? FIVE years? Be honest!

We fall into these ruts because new things can be intimidating.

But there may be women who are not attending simply because they are tired of the same old thing or because the studies you are offering don’t seem relevant to their lives.

As you plan for your next Bible study, keep these ideas in mind:

  1. Try something new. While it is much easier to use programs you are familiar with, Bible studies have come a long way in recent years, so review several studies you’ve never tried before. Women today have a desire to know how to apply the Bible to their lives, not just learn the facts. Remember that your study should be about filling hearts, not filling in the blanks.
  2. Invite new women to be leaders or small-group facilitators. Grow your Bible study leadership team by inviting new women to join! Look to the women God has been placing on your heart or those women who have been on the outside. So many women want to help but are not confident in their abilities. Show them you are confident in their abilities by personally asking them to join the team!
  3. Mix it up! There is only one thing all women seem to have in common: We are busy! But we are all busy at different times. Try to offer studies at a variety of times throughout the day. Aim for a variety of locations like a local coffee shop, a public park, the library, or a member’s home. Even consider offering an array of studies! The more variety you have, the more likely it is for each woman to find a study to meet her needs.
  4. Keep groups small. Smaller groups allow for deeper, more honest discussions while creating an environment where women feel safe. It is much easier to open your heart with a small group of friends than a large group of strangers.

What tips and tricks do you use to get women involved in your Bible studies? Share in the comment box below.