Aaah, summer. It’s just the best! Summer is filled with sunshine, time at the pool, and of course, vacations! While vacations are a blast, they can make it challenging to stay connected with the women in your ministry.

Well, how about using Facebook to stay connected? It can be a really great tool for staying in touch with the people you care about. If you have a Facebook group or page for your women’s ministry, it’s a great idea to use that as the hub for your summer communications. Let the women in your church know that this is the place to check during the week. On your wall you can post updates, events, encouragement—whatever you choose!

If you’re new to the Facebook thing, you can learn more about how to create a page; just click here. Facebook does a nice job of explaining how it all works.

Once you have a group or page, here are three easy things you can do to keep a sense of community going:

  1. Start a fun discussion question or post a thought-provoking or funny meme every week. Post a question, comment, or meme on your wall and encourage women to comment on it and provide feedback. Then, all the women can benefit by seeing each other’s thoughts. It may not be as impactful as a live conversation, but it can still be a good tool when everyone is all over the place. Try a discussion on a certain Bible verse, or keep it light and discuss a new movie or fun recipe.
  2. Make an effort to post something encouraging. If you have a smaller group, as the leader, try posting something meaningful and personal on each wall of the women in your group. If you have a larger ministry, you could just post on a page for your ministry. You can use a great Bible verse, an inspiring quote, or something uplifting just for that person (think “you have a beautiful smile!”).
  3. Start a photo “contest.” Have women from your church post different photos of what they’re doing. You don’t necessarily have to give out a prize, but it’s fun for all the women in your group to see what everyone else is doing. You can make the pictures silly, or themed, or whatever sounds fun for your group!

If you want to use some of these techniques on just a one-on-one basis, feel free! If you’re hoping to go deeper with some younger women you know, too, then Facebook is the place to be. Keep in mind that most younger women are on some sort of social media on a daily basis.

The thing to remember is that Facebook is just another way to help you do what you’re already doing—supporting and loving the women in your church!