Sometimes we let our ministries get focused on the women inside our church. But your ministry is also helping women get involved in ministry. Here are ideas for women in your church to use to let your community know you care.

Plant Share. Spread the word that you’re gathering plants. Avid gardeners are often willing to share their plants as they divide and rearrange. Ask them to label them with the name and location -recommendation (full sun, partial sun, shade).

Collect plants one weekend and share them the next—or collect on a Friday and share on a Saturday, (Be sure they’re cared for in the meantime.) Connect with people who just moved to the area or who need a few easy-care items. Design a new flower bed for a school or park. Invite a few people who are knowledgeable gardeners, and you can share information as you serve side by side.

Cookie Drop. Choose a few basic recipes, gather the ingredients, and have a baking day. Involve teens and enjoy the relationships you build as you bake.

Package the cookies and involved another team of people to deliver them to emergency personnel, nursing home staff, and other hard workers in your community.

Community Care. Budget cuts are affecting communities everywhere, and yours can probably use support. Ask community leaders how you can help. Paint playground equipment, revitalize landscaping, or decorate for an upcoming community event. It make take a while to receive requests from community leaders; after all, they might not be used to help being offered! Stick with it and build relationships.